3 Tips For Proper Wiring In A Production Space Remodel

Posted on: 20 September 2017

Access to a reliable flow of electricity plays a critical role in many industrial and manufacturing processes today. Remodeling your production facility often requires the addition of new electrical circuits that will provide power for vital pieces of equipment. Proper wiring is essential when it comes the the safety and performance of your remodeled space.

Here are three useful tips that you can use to ensure the wiring system in your new production space is designed and installed properly in the future.

1. Choose the right type of wire.

There are many different types of electrical wiring available on the market today. Each of these wires serves a vital purpose, but you need to install the correct type of wire in your new production space in order to ensure that the electrical current flowing through the area is properly contained.

If you will be running your wiring indoors, then select electrical wire that is designed for indoor use. If your wiring will be run outdoors, then direct burial cable is required.

2. Choose the correct wire size.

Just as wiring comes in many different types, it comes in a variety of sizes as well. In order to determine what size of wiring is best suited for your new production space, you need to calculate the electrical needs of each of the components you will be installing in the finished space.

Knowing the number of amps that will be flowing through the wires on a daily basis will allow you to select a wire whose size is equipped to handle the ampacity demands of your production facility over time.

3. Make proper connections.

Connection points play a critical role in the overall design of any electrical system. In order for your new production space to perform properly, you need to carefully evaluate the electrical connections within the area. Check to ensure that wiring is connected at the electrical panel securely.

This will allow for the proper transfer of electrical power from your electrical grid to the various devices within your facility. You should also check to ensure that each outlet in your production space is properly stripped, tightened, and grounded to prevent electrical problems in the future.

Understanding the electrical design of your production space is important when it comes to ensuring safety and performance over time. Be sure that you are using the correct type of wiring, wiring that is sized appropriately for your electrical needs, and that your connection points are secure when evaluating the overall design of your new electrical system. Contact an electrical design expert for additional advice.