What Kinds of Heating Options Are There for a Large Commercial Building?

Posted on: 17 October 2018

Just like being a homeowner, being a business owner means you are responsible for all of the building maintenance tasks and concerns that can come about—only your concerns and maintenance needs will be much bigger. One of your biggest concerns with a large commercial building will be keeping it properly heated. Therefore, you will spend a lot of time focusing on what kind of heating system is the most efficient and what systems will serve the space the best. Take a look at some of the types of commercial heating systems that are the best for a large space. 

Boiler Systems

For a really long time, boiler systems have been the go-to heating system for large commercial buildings. Boiler systems rely on steam to carry heat throughout the building, so no forced air is involved. This heating system is not only efficient because heat distribution is carried through water pipes and not via a forced air system. It is also efficient because the system can supply enough hot water to the building's water fixtures and the steam can be used to power large pieces of equipment or machinery if necessary. 

Natural Energy Systems

Natural energy systems rely on some form of natural energy to function, such as solar power, moving water, or wind power. These natural energy systems help commercial business owners save money on heating costs because they primarily rely on energy supplied from the surrounding environment. Many natural energy heating systems are accompanied by a secondary heating system, such as a boiler or electric heating system, for times when the naturally provided energy is simply not enough to cater to the heating demands. 

Heat Pump Systems 

Heat pumps, sometimes called geothermal heating systems, are an excellent source of heat for large commercial buildings because they do not rely on fuel to operate. Heat pumps are a budget-friendly option since fuel-powered systems can be incredibly costly. Heat pumps rely on geothermal energy that is already present in the atmosphere, basically, they gather warm air from outside and bring it indoors. Heat pumps can double as a cooling system as well, which is another major advantage, and their cooling systems are just as efficient for larger buildings. 

Picking the best heating system for your commercial space will make all the difference in your operating costs over the long term. Visit sites, such as http://www.mercurytecinc.com, for more information about the types of heating systems available to suit your needs.