The Benefits Of COD Oil Delivery

Posted on: 26 November 2018

Heating oil is an essential part to many manufacturing plants. Getting enough oil means planning in advance and never being late with the payments on your bill. Of course, you could always just get COD oil delivery, which is a Cash on Delivery payment method. Very few companies take COD as payment anymore, so if you have a business partnership with an oil delivery company, you are very fortunate indeed. Here are a few more benefits to getting your heating oil order using COD payment.

You Always Know Exactly What Your Delivery Will Cost

​By setting up a COD account with your oil supplier, you lock in the cost of the fuel ahead of time. You know exactly how much fuel is going to be delivered and what it will cost you every time. That is vastly different from ordering oil only when you need it and being surprised by the cost of it when it arrives. The cost catching you off-guard typically means that you do not have enough money to cover the bill. While the oil supplier cannot really take the oil back out of your fuel tank, they are unlikely to take partial payment for a full fuel delivery. COD payment and delivery setup in advance prevents those issues.

​You Secure Your Delivery Prior to Any Fuel Shortages

​Fuel companies prioritize their COD consumers' accounts and deliveries. That means that if there is another oil shortage like there was just a few short years ago, your factory will still get the oil you were expecting, so long as you consistently pay the bill in full and in cash. Commercial customers with COD accounts also get their fuel ahead of residential customers with COD accounts, because commercial customers need the fuel to run their businesses.

​You Can Get the Cash out and Be Ready When You Schedule Oil Delivery on the Same Dates Every Month

When you're a COD account holder, the oil suppliers will schedule your deliveries on a set day every month. This gives you the opportunity to budget and plan ahead and take the cash out of your account to pay for the fuel either the same day as the delivery or the day prior to the date of delivery. With such ample time to get your cash out of your business checking account to pay for the next batch of fuel, you can manage your plant's expenses a lot easier.