Important Shipping Protocols For Viral Transport Media

Posted on: 24 February 2022

The only true way of shipping viral samples in a controlled manner is by using viral transport media services. It usually involves tubing and sealed lids at the top. If you're planning to ship this type of transport media to a lab for testing, here are some protocols that can help.

Verify Labels Describe Samples Thoroughly

For safety purposes, you'll need labels for everything you use to ship viral transport media to a lab for further analysis. That includes packaging and the transport media itself that's being sent off. 

Make sure you explain what type of samples are inside the tubing, where they're coming from, and where they need to be shipped to. These labels not only will ensure your viral transport media gets to the right destination, but also help those involved in handling these materials during shipping stay safe the entire time. 

Test the Durability of Viral Transport Media Prior to Shipping

Before you send off viral samples in transport media to labs, you want to verify the transport media is durable and thus not going to leak at any point. The manufacturer will perform tests to verify this, but you should do the same so that you can back up their reports.

For instance, you could order samples of different viral transport media and then perform structural tests to see how durable they are. Then you'll know exactly how well each type of transport media is going to hold up to your exact shipping operations. That's when you can make a confident selection with ease. 

Make Sure Secondary Packaging is Also Leak-Proof

You probably already know that transport media used to house viral samples for safe shipping has to be completely leak-proof. Again, most manufacturers will verify this aspect so that you don't have to feel worried about how shipping will go. 

What you might not know is the secondary packaging that the viral transport media is placed into also needs to be leak-proof. Then there will be more layers of protection to keep viral samples completely isolated. Even if there is a chance samples leak out of the media, there will still be another protective barrier. 

You can safely ship viral samples to labs for analysis thanks to viral transport media. It's designed for this exact purpose. What you need to do is make sure this media is high-quality and then follow key shipping procedures, so that you don't have any negative incidents come about. Keep these tips in mind when looking for Covid 19 transport media services near you.