A Look At How Aluminum Measures Up To Steel

Posted on: 10 August 2022

Aluminum can be used as a substitute for steel in many processes. It is not as strong as steel, which is why it cannot be used as an alternative for all metal solutions. There are several reasons to consider aluminum fabrication when it can be substituted.

The following points highlight a few benefits of choosing aluminum.


Aluminum is a pure metal, and steel is an alloy that contains a mixture of iron and other metals. There are not any special processes that have to be performed to prevent aluminum from corroding. It is naturally rust resistant. Steel is a durable metal that is prone to corrosion if it is not protected through processes such as powder coating. It is important to note that stainless steel is rust-resistant.

High Heat Tolerance

Both aluminum and steel have impressive heat tolerance. This is why both materials are used to manufacture products such as cookware and automobiles. They are not prone to melting and are non-combustible. However, aluminum is a more cost-effective solution when there are budget concerns. Steel costs more because it is a heavier material that is more durable. It is important to take time to think of the intended use of the metal. This will determine if steel is a necessity or if there is leeway to opt for aluminum and save money.


Many of the goods that are produced with metal require bending cutting, and other processes to form parts. Aluminum is a more malleable metal than steel. This means that it can usually be processed faster than steel which is a thicker metal. Aluminum also does not have to have special processes performed to prevent corrosion which can improve production times and save companies money on labor costs. Steel is heavier in weight and usually costs more than aluminum. So, overall choosing aluminum as an alternative metal solution could equate to financial savings.


Both aluminum and steel can be recycled. This makes both metals environmentally friendly. Aluminum scraps can be recycled to make a variety of products. Recycled steel is durable enough to be used for projects such as building bridges. Recycling helps the environment because recycled products are processed less than brand-new metal fabrication.

An aluminum fabrication company is a good resource to use to learn more advantages of using aluminum. Chances are the company also has steel fabrication processes. This equips them to be able to offer insight into both metals.

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