A Viable Source Of Freshwater

Posted on: 26 January 2023

An aquifer is an underground formation of permeable rocks that contain an adequate supply of groundwater. The location of groundwater is essential when determining where a new well will be installed. A hydrologist or a drilling technician can aid with locating a viable source of water.

Why The Drilling Spot Is Important

A new well should be supplied with an adequate amount of water that is safe for human consumption. Locating a viable source of water is important since this will dictate where a well should be located. If a well was ultimately installed in an area where the water table was low, you would likely deal with situations in which the water pressure within your residence was subpar. A well could also run dry, which would prevent you from being able to supply your home with the water you need.

A hydrologist and a well drilling technician may both be formally trained in assessing property and observing clues that are indicative of where an aquifer is located. If either of these people has access to the location of other wells that are within the region, this information can lead them to determine where an aquifer is located. 

How Inspections Are Performed

Taking note of the height of a water table will not necessarily support where the well will eventually be located. The water table may rise and fall, based on the amount of precipitation that a region experiences. An aquifer is typically located well beneath the water table. Taking note of where water tends to pool, however, can be a good indicator of where an aquifer is located. An aquifer that contains a substantial amount of freshwater will provide an adequate supply of water to your home.

An underground well is installed deep in the ground. It utilizes a pump to draw water upward and through the plumbing that will be attached to your residence. If you own undeveloped property that you will ultimately be building on, you may be advised to have the location of the aquifer determined first.

After the aquifer is located, you can begin seeking the installation of a well. Disruption to the land will be experienced as drilling takes place. Once a new underground well is installed, you can begin the next phase of developing your property. You can plan on where to have your home constructed, ensuring that it is located within close proximity to the underground well.

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