Protect Your Water Tanks From Freezing: Know The Dangers And How To Manage Sub-Freezing Conditions

Posted on: 17 February 2015

If your facility utilizes steel tanks to store filtered water, then you should recognize the dangers posed by freezing temperatures. Unfiltered water can freeze, of course, but filtered water actually makes the problem more acute by removing impurities that can inhibit freezing. Below is more information on the damage that can be done by frozen water tanks and how to prevent them from freezing in the first place: How frozen water can damage your tanks [Read More]

2 Things To Look For In Manufacturing Production Software

Posted on: 21 January 2015

After building those custom bookshelves in your home woodshop for a few years and selling them online, you might finally be ready to invest in a professional warehouse and some fancy manufacturing production software. Professional production methods might help you meet the demands of a growing business, which can keep your company profitable. However, choosing a program can be an overwhelming decision—and one that you might have to live with for a while. [Read More]

3 Air Compressor Areas To Maintain For Extended Equipment Life

Posted on: 15 January 2015

When setting your price point for manufactured products, you must consider equipment replacement costs to ensure you make a profit on each sale. You can reduce your equipment replacement costs by performing maintenance on a regular schedule. Start with maintenance on the smallest pieces of equipment that tend to run down fastest, such as air compressors. After all, these compressors may run all day to power tools that activate using pressurized air. [Read More]

Utilizing Harmonic Filter Technology

Posted on: 19 December 2013

Motors with electro-mechanical starts do not create worthwhile harmonics. When the adjustable speed drive is used to power the motor, the circuitry to drive does not take the current in a sinusoidal manner. This can affect other equipment attached to the transformer. Harmonics are currents and volts that consist of multiples of 60 Hz. The power generated cannot be used and takes up the electrical capacity of the motor. The system that has a lot of harmonics will eventually break down as a result of the defect. [Read More]